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The health benefits of HGH for people aged over 30

Everyone who can afford it should take human growth hormone as a health supplement once past the age of 30

As we get past 30 or even in our late 20’s levels of HGH or human growth hormone decline year on year. Now that we can synthesise HGH in unlimited quantities in the lab there is an argument that we should all take it to prolong healthy life.

Even a generation ago this possibility wasn’t their for our ancestors. The only way to get human growth hormone was to harvest it from dead bodies. This obviously meant that it was very expensive and could carry disease.

A simple daily injection of HGH can help combat a whole host of age related ailments and could cure diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease as well as improving the quality of life. So lets see what the benefits of HGH are:


Health Benefits of HGH

HGH as an Anti-Aging Agent

It was noticed in an initial study in 1979 that HGH given to middle aged men helped them gain muscle mass, lose fat and gain bone density. Subsequent studies have further shown that HGH also quickens healing and vastly improves the repair of damaged cells (the cause of ageing).

Nature is done with us when we get past middle age

Our primary purpose on this planet is to procreate and pass our genes on. When we have accomplished this there is no need for us to stick around and so nature doesn’t really care what happens to us.

We can however trick mother nature by using our intelligence to synthesise human growth hormone and use it to increase our life expectancy. Ha! take that mother nature.

Improving the skin

As we age our skin gets thinner (and more wrinkly) and takes longer to heal. It takes damage from the sun and other factors such as smoking and collagen content is reduced. The skin also becomes dehydrated because collagen locks in water and now there is less of it.

I could draw a graph showing the rate of thinning skin and HGH levels in the human body and they would correlate perfectly. Taking HGH as we get older forces the skin to grow faster, heal more quickly and increase collagen synthesis.

Hospitals use it to treat burns victims

HGH is often prescribed to people who have suffered burn injuries to their skin because it generates new skin.

Builds quality lean muscle

One of the best known benefits of HGH is probably its ability to build lean muscle mass. HGH is rapidly taking over as the hormone of choice in the gym and its no surprise given its health benefits. HGH can be used by both men and women. It also will not cause some of the serious side effects that are associated with steroid use.

Human growth hormone builds muscle mass in a different way to anabolic steroids. Whereas steroids increase the amount of muscle fibres in a cell. HGH will actually increase the number of muscle cells. This causes better quality muscle to be gained as it lasts longer and doesn’t cause water retention.

Gets rid of fat in a healthy sustainable way

Did you ever notice how hard it was to gain any excess weight in your youth. Remember your fat free taught lean stomach and being able to eat most anything you wanted? Well this is thought to be because of high HGH levels in our teens.

Middle age spread is often caused by a slowing metabolism

One of the reasons HGH is thought to be beneficial as a fat loss agent is that is speeds up a sluggish metabolism. Its helps burn fat and increase energy levels. And, for some unknown reason HGH takes fat away from the midriff in men and the bottom in women. No-one seems to know why this is but who cares as long as it does.

HGH causes fat loss by forcing the body to use energy rather than storing it as fat

HGH will cause the release of another hormone called IGF, this hormone prevents insulin from storing excess carbohydrate from a meal as fat.

Muscle will also burn fat even at rest and because HGH will bring about the formation of new muscle, this will also get rid of fat.

Supercharge your immune system with HGH

A fully functioning and efficient immune system is essential to protect against parasites viruses and bacteria and other pathogens. White blood cells and antibodies are produced in high numbers when HGH is at its highest levels.

Its not much fun being sick but by taking HGH as supplement you can shorten any illness you have and even stop it before its started. A healthy immune system can be the difference between life and death. Even common flu can be deadly if your immune system can’t fight it off.

Herpes, HGH and the benefits of a healthy immune system

A lot of people are infected with the Herpes Virus. This can cause painful blisters on the genitals, mouth or anus. Even though there is no cure for Herpes the infection is kept under control by a healthy immune system. Using HGH to boost your immune system should mean that you never have an outbreak of Herpes even though you may be infected.

HGH will boost the immune system preventing outbreaks of the Herpes virus both oral and genital


Get a better cholesterol profile

There are two types of cholesterol floating around in your bloodstream. These are low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL).

Low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) is known to stick to the inside of your arteries and can cause heart attacks by not letting enough blood get to the heart muscle. This is why it’s known as “bad cholesterol).

Taking HGH will change the ratio of these two types of cholesterol. Although taking HGH will not totally eliminate the LDL bad cholesterol, it will definitely lower the amount and increase concentrations of good cholesterol (HDL).

This means HGH will benefit your heart by drastically reducing the amount of cholesterol adhering to your artery walls.

Fight and reverse osteoporosis with HGH

One important benefit of HGH that all studies have confirmed time and time again is its ability to increase bone mass or density. In the original test group studied in 1979 it was shown that on average in increase of 3% bone density was observed over a 6 month period.

Prevent shrinking with age

You may be shocked to find that one day you get yourself measured and find out that you are not as tall as you used to be! This is common as we get older and is caused by loss of cartilage between the vertebrae and curvature of the spine. Also we get shorter because of low levels of HGH.

Increasing levels of HGH with injections is one way of stopping this from happening. It’s often said that taking HGH once past the age of 18 will not give you any extra height. This is true except in the elderly where taking exogenous HGH can bring back height that is lost with age.


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