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How to safely buy steroids online

Steroids have been around since the 60’s and body builders have taken advantage of them during this period. With the advent of the internet it has become much easier to buy steroids, and with some anonymity. Before the internet probably the only place to buy them was if you got to know someone at the gym, perhaps even the gym owner himself. Or you could also travel to a country which had them openly for sale such as Mexico or Thailand and bringing them back yourself.

Buy steroids abroad

Many steroid buyers will travel to a source country to buy them. They will often try to combine it with a holiday or just travel specifically to buy steroids and any other drugs they may need to go alongside them. The good points around this are that you will nearly always be able to buy them from a reputable pharmacy, clinic or other legit medical establishment. This means that you will know that they are genuine steroids and not some fakes. But the bad points are of course that you have to get them home back to your country. This could be a bit tricky going to countries such as the US and Australia as they have strict rules around steroids. Other countries such as the UK are OK for personal possession so there is no problem getting it back through customs. One other point to consider here is that you should keep them packed into your checked in baggage if changing planes at another airport. You don’t want to be caught in possession of steroids in Dubai.

Buying steroids online

Most of you reading this are probably considering purchasing steroids online. It does have its advantages. You can get the vendor to ship to you so you are not bringing back steroids on your person. You can also use a false name on your order. This helps if it comes to the attention of customs. If you are using a false name its important to have it shipped as “unsigned for” which means you don’t have to show any ID to pick it up.

How to pay?

Paying for steroids purchased online can be something of  pain. A lot of the old steroid websites used to use Western Union or Money Gram. But these were cumbersome. If a seller is getting 10 orders a day for $100 its multiple trips and it can be a pain filling out forms etc.. There have been times when its taken 2 weeks before the payment has been collected and then you would have to wait for the order to arrive. Paypal or credit cards were out of the question because 1: They are traceable and 2: Customers would do charge backs on them even though they had received their products.


Most steroids websites will today use bitcoin. Bitcoin is anonymous and fast and cheap, its takes just a couple of dollars to send a payment. The only downside is people seem a bit scared to use it. Its probably fear of the unknown. However once you get your head around the concept its very user friendly. If you wish to use bitcoin, you will first have to open a wallet and then buy some bitcoin. One of the easiest places to buy bitcoin is localbitcoins. Its actually a trading forum where people buy and sell bitcoins for profit. So you may see someone offering to sell bitcoins  for $1100 per coin and offering to buy them at $900. You get the picture. You can buy bitcoins at other places but localbitcoins seems to be the fastest and doesn’t restrict how much you can buy. Avoid Coinbase it takes weeks to get any BTC and numerous verifications etc. They will also close your account if they think you are using it to buy illegal drugs etc.

How not to get scammed

Well steroids are not really expensive items so the chances of getting scammed are not a wide spread as people make out. After all whats the point of ripping someone off for a hundred bucks or so then getting bad reviews all over the internet. Most steroid websites are usually legit. Anyway what have you got to lose a few dollars for a chance to see what steroids are really like. You are always going to take a chance anyway when you use a website for the first time to buy steroids.

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