Zomacton HGH 30iu


 Zomacton HGH by Ferring Pharmaceuticals 10mg (30iu) Vial with water, Vision X pen and syringe. Everything you need to get going $190


Here we have 10mg vial (30iu) of pure HGH made by the pharmaceutical company Ferring. Included with each vial is 10ml ware for mixing and also a disposable syting in each unit. We also include one Vision X pen with each order so you have the choice to use the syringe or the HGH pen.

Synthetic growth hormone

All replacement hGH is produced using recombinant DNA technology. This synthetic hGH is identical to the body’s own growth hormone, it is a protein or peptide chain containing 191 amino acids.

Supplemental hGH cannot be taken orally, as being a protein it will be broken down and digested. It therefore has to be injected, but regular injections can be very off-putting, particularly for a child.

The mode of administration can have a strong bearing on the acceptability of treatment and hence ultimate compliance and treatment success. Improvements to injection devices are constantly being developed to make the process easier and more comfortable for patients.

Non Medical use

Zomacton HGH from Ferring is a full 191 amino acid product. Its scientific name is Somatropin. As well as being used for growth disorders in children it can also be used to gain muscle mass and slow ageing. In fact most of the trade in recombinant HGH today is for these purposes. Zomacton HGH can be used for body building and as an anti ageing agent.

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