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Schering Testoviron is made in Germany. High grade quality pharmaceutical grade Test E. One of the more powerful steroids around. PCT and other anti-estrogen drugs are recommended when using this to control the side effects.


Test E for Sale


Testoviron is the brand name Schering have given to their make of testosterone enanthate, normally shortened to just “Test E“. Test E is without doubt one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. This steroid guarantees a virtual explosion of mass and strength and it happens quite quickly too.


Testoviron Depot

You can buy this Test E in boxes of 20x250mg amps. The product is of an oily appearance and comes in glass vials of which the tops snap off. If you don’t feel confident “snapping off” the glass tops you can use a small file to score the glass first which makes it easier.


It is injected

Like nearly all injectable anabolic steroids Test E needs to be injected. It needs a larger needle than you would for HGH as its quite a dense oil based drug which requires a larger needle. You can use a smaller needle if you are squeamish but it takes longer to inject.


Side effects


As we have already mentioned testosterone enanthate is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids around today. But there is a cost for all this power and muscle and this comes in the form of side effects. Test E will convert to estrogen so an effective anti-estrogen is a must if you are sensitive to it. Also PCT is definitely required to keep all your hard earned gains.





This item ships from the EU (UK) we sometimes have stock in the USA. If you are in the USA and want to have it shipped domestically please contact us first to check if we have US stock. We ship all products with discreet packaging and there is no indication of what is inside.



Expiry dates and storage


Anabolic steroids (unlike HGH) have long “best before” dates and can be stored at room temperature. Test E can be kept for years if you want to keep them for a later date.


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