Saizen HGH 24iu


Saizen HGH powder and water with mixing device to reconstitute the 24iu cartridge which you can then use at your leisure.

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Saizen 8.8mg (24iu) HGH with mixing device


Here we have for sale HGH made by Merck Serono. Its named Saizen and comes as a powder and solvent which is mixed or reconstituted in the provided mixing device.



After mixing the cartridge with the active HGH (water and powder mixed together) can then be removed and used as necessary. We do not include the easypod which is used to inject. Rather most of our customers use an insulin syringe to withdraw the HGH solution through the rubber stopper.



Whats in the box

The box contains one 8.8mg vial of HGH powder and the water to mix with it. These are already contained in the mixing device which is primed as shown in the video above. The HGH solution is then taken out and kept at the right temperature for your use. Instructions are contained in the box.



What can I use it for?

You can use Saizen HGH by Merck Serono for any reason someone may want to use growth hormone. Most of our customers use it either for body building, anti-ageing or just general improvement of health. We do have customers buying this HGH because its cheaper than what they can get locally. This can include children who are short for their age or anybody with a growth hormone deficiency.


Is it real growth hormone?

Yes its genuine human growth hormone. The scientific name is Somatropin. This is the same as your body naturally produces. It must be stored at the correct temperature, especially when mixed as its quite a fragile medicine. This is not one of those HGH Boosters or phoney patches pills or sprays. This is genuine HGH.


Can I combine it with steroids?

Yes, HGH is great at producing quality muscle but it takes longer than traditional anabolic steroids. For this reason many body builders like to stack them.


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