Nutropin Aq Pen 10


Nutropin Aq pen 10 (10mg 30iu) HGH by Genentech

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The Nutropin Aq pen 10 by Genentech consists of the actual pen for injecting and a 10mg HGH cartridge. Needle tips are also provided.


What is Nutropin

Nutropin is the brand name for human growth hormone from the company Genentech which is a subsidiary of Roche. It is a full 191 amino acid Somatropin which is used for people deficient in growth hormone.

Body Builders and anti-agers also use nutropin HGH

Its is also used non medically as an anti ageing agent and by body builders who use it to gain muscle.



We can ship this product domestically from the USA so only 2-3 days delivery times. We can also ship domestically from the UK. For worldwide shipping delivery times are 4-7 days. Full tracking is provided and delivery is guaranteed or refund.




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