Hygetropin 100iu


100iu Hygetropin with water $220

Hygetropin (10×10 IU)

You can verify your box on hygetropin.biz

Purity – 97 %

HGH content – 9.02 IU/vial




Hygetropin Description

Hygetropin (10×10 IU)

You can verify your box on hygetropin.biz

Purity – 97 %

HGH content – 9.02 IU/vial


Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and tracking numbers sent. There could be an extra delay over holiday periods such as Christmas etc. If you have an queries about your order please contact us quoting your order number.


Please see the below lab reports to show the quality of the hygetropin we have for sale. If you wish to get any independent tests done yourself we guarantee you will arrive at the same results. No fakes here just genuine quality Hygetropin for sale form the original makers with excellent delivery times. Domestic shipping so no problems with customs.

For countries where we do not ship domestically, if your order gets stopped at customs and you show us a seizure notice we will re-ship free.

Buy Hygetropin  from Zhongshan BioPharm, because:

  • Its relatively cheap compared to other Chinese HGH products and has a good reputation amongst users.
  • Made by a company thats been manufacturing HGH for over 20 years
  • Abides by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • Each box has its own security features which means you can go to the official Zhongshan BioPharm, website at hygetropin.biz and verify your box to prove that its genuine hygetropin
  • A quality product. Don’t think that because its cheaper than its rivals its not as good. It is.


The recent history of Hygetropin

Anyone who is familiar with the supply of HGH and steroids for that matter will know that most of it comes out of China. During the time of the Bejing Olympics the Chinese government shut down a lot of the factories making these performance enhancing products. After all it doesnt look good when the spotlight of the world is on you and you turn out to be the number one producer of these type of stimulants.

So while production was shut down a lot of Hygetropin was faked and so the image got tarnished somewhat. When the Chinese government gave the green light for production to start again Zhongshan BioPharm installed all the security features we see on the boxes so this could not happen again. Today Hygetropin is excellent quality with the fakers not so much of a problem as before.


Hygetropin bulk pricing

A lot of HGH sellers don’t give out discount when selling HGH. It is purely a business decision. They think they can get more money fro their product by selling each one for a relatively high price. We do offer bulk pricing

Here are some examples

  • 1x100iu box $220
  • 2x100iu box $410
  • 3x100iu box $585
  • 4x100iu box $720
  • 5×100 box $850
  • 6x100iu box $960
  • 7x100iu box $1050
  • 8x100iu box $1,120
  • 9x100iu box $1,215
  • 10x100iu box $1,250


Why buy Hygetropin from us


  • We offer fully verifiable genuine hygetropin
  • Domestic shipping in the USA, UK , Australia and Canada
  • Guaranteed delivery or refund
  • Cold packaging to hot countries if requested (additional cost)
  • Tracking numbers sent to you in good time to track your order
  • Great customer service. We wont keep you hanging around waiting for responses.




We can ship domestically from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. So no customs issues and just 2-3 days delivery times. For the rest of the world its 4-7 days delivery times. We very rarely lose any packages and so we offer a full guarantee of a refund or reship if an item does get seized in a country where we do not ship domestically.




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