Genotropin 12mg


Pfizer Genotropin 12mg (36iu) pens. Simply prime the pen and dial in the amount you want to inject. Quality HGH from a quality company




Pfizer Genotropin Go-quick 12mg pen

The go-quick pen from Pfizer is a very popular product due to its ease of use and the reputation of the company that makes it Pfizer.  The cartridge does not need to be inserted as it is already contained in the pen.



Long Expiry dates

All our genotropin pens have long expiry dates usually 18 months. We always ship in original sealed boxes with all batch numbers and pen codes matching the packaging. These are original Pfizer products. You can buy with confidence.



We hold stock in the USA, UK and Europe, sometimes Australia too. So for these countries its just 2-3 days delivery times. Anywhere else in the world shipping times are usually 4-7 days. We offer full tracking and a range of shipping carriers to suit different customers. UPS, DHL, EMS and others. If you have a particular instruction please let us know.



We sell thousand of items per year and very rarely lose anything. Therefore we offer a full refund or reship if your item goes astray in  the post. Its worth it for the peace of mind of our customers and our reputation. We never leave anybody out of pocket.


Pfizer Genotropin, build quality muscle fight ageing

The Pfizer Genotropin go quick pen contains 12mg or 36iu of pure human growth hormone somatropin. Make to the exacting standards you would expect of a multi national company. Only a few years ago these pens were out of the reach to anyone but those with the deepest pockets.


Used to build quality muscle by increasing the growth of muscle cells and bone mass. Also used as an anti-ageing agent by those looking to stay young. Well worth the money. A Quality product inside and out.



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