Di-Anabol 10 SB Labs


500x10mg tablets of Di-Anabol 10 from SB Labs

Active ingredient is (Methandrostenolone, Methandienone) commonly known as Dianabol or the “Breakfast of Champions”


Di-anabol 500x10mg from SB labs

Originally made by CIBA in the 50’s Dianabol quickly gained a reputation amongst body builders and was nick named “The breakfast of Champions”

CIBA no longer make this product but since the patent has expired there are many other makers on the market. SB labs being one of them. SB labs has been around for at least 20 years and has gained a reputation for reliability and quality.

Dianabol is was the most popular oral steroid in the world. Perhaps now though Anavar maybe equally as popular as it has come down price of late.

Usual Dosage is 20-50mg per day

The usual Dosage is 20-50mg per day. It necessary to take at least 20mg as you need to flood your system with this steroid to reap the benefits. For example, taking only 5mg per day would just shut down your natural testosterone production and replace ir with the steroid. If you do this you will get no overall benefit.

The usual period for this steroid is 4-6 weeks

Di-Anabol will cause massive muscle growth

Di-Anabol will cause massive muscle growth. Perhaps the only stronger oral steroid available is Anadrol. After taking it for a few days you will begin to feel an increase in strength followed by increased muscle mass. Dbol also increases bone density.

Its not for women

This anabolic steroid has quite masculinising side effects such as deepening voice and body hair so women should avoid it.


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