5x15iu vials of Tev-tropin with water $400


Tev-tropin 5x15iu vials with water $400 (T-ject pen not included)




Tev-Tropin® HGH is produced using recombinant DNA technology and has the same amino acid sequence as Human Growth Hormone produced naturally in the human body. Recombinant growth hormone was cloned by Genentech scientists in 1979. TevTropin injections are used by endocrinologists and hormone physicians for HGH therapy treatments.

Tev-Tropin® can help adults with growth hormone deficiency to alleviate symptoms caused by menopause, andropause, and hormonal imbalance. The effectiveness and safety of Tevtropin have been proven in numerous clinical studies. Tevtropin is available in simple and convenient injectable HGH pens as well as vials. If you have any questions about ordering Tevtropin HGH, contact us and you’ll get expert assistance and personalized service from our comprehensive patient support center.


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