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Kigtropin has its advocates but there have been issues with quality and fakers

Kigtropin is one of those HGH products that started out with a good reputation then the consistency and quality became unreliable. Nobody really knows who makes kigtropin infact it’s probably a variety of different makers hence the consistency and quality issue. The original product was very good and this became its achilles heel as (as usually happens) the fakers moved in and copied it with inferior products.

HGH users purchased the original Kigtropin because it was very good.

The product that we see for sale  onIrinman is from the original manufacturers and so quality is guaranteed. We consistently get good reviews for Kigtropin and all the serum tests come back with high levels of serum HGH and IGF-1 (the hormone that HGH causes to be released)  always refund anybody who is not happy with and Kigtropin they sell. They have been using the same regular supplier for our  Kigtropin customers. We would never sell Kigtropin from an unknown supplier without getting it fully tested and authenticated first. But any way, and at the present time they have a regular quality supply.

It has a dedicated following, Kigtropin is one of those HGH powders that people either love or hate. The reason for this is probably the people who think its crap are buying the low quality faked stuff. If you buy  Kigtropin from Ironman you will immediately notice the difference in quality and understand why its well respected by those in the know.

Whats in the box

Well Kigtropin (as nearly all HGH products are today) is full 191 amino acid HGH. Its medical name is Somatropin and its the same hormone a healthy person would produce naturally in the pituitary gland. However it is made synthetically in the lab but this does not mean it is in any way different to the hormone we humans produce naturally. Its actually called rHGH the (r) standing for recombinant which means its been recombined with a bacteria (or genetically engineered) to produce the identical same hormone that humans do. Its a human gene spliced into a bacterial genome and switched on to produce what we want: HGH (rHGH). The only way we could get this product before it being produced in the lab was to harvest it from cadavers. This, apart from being disgusting also carried a lot of health risks. So its east to see being able to synthesise vast amounts of clean HGH was highly advantageous.

Kigtropin has always been popular in the UK

Kigtropin has always been popular in the UK maybe because buying it here is relatively easy. Its popularity may stem from the fact that the UK seemed to get the quality Kigtropin before the fakers came in and fucked it up for everybody else. In any case its always held a special place in the hearts of UK body builders. And its nearly exclusively used by body builders in the UK. There is no special reason for this, it could just as easily be used by those wanting to look younger or recover faster rom injury.

What should I buy Kigtropin for?

Well you could buy it for a variety of medical and none medical reasons. For medical reasons we are talking about children who are lacking in HGH and are therefore shorter than they should be. And adults with adult onset human growth hormone deficiency. In truth if you live in the UK you would probably get the HGH free from the NHS. If you are looking for Kigtropin for none medical reasons (and most that are on this website) you would probably be using it to build muscle, increase bone density, improve skin tone, increase libido and remove body fat.

Kigtropin is also used to increase quality of life, why should we get older feeling shit when we dont have to. We are only on this planet for a short time so we should make it of the best quality. Kigtropin or any quality HGH will do this.

Its fairly easy to buy kigtropin, just visit our shop and order however many you need. Kigtropin vials are used the same way as any other powdered HGH. Firstly the bacteriostatic water is drawn up into a syringe (usually an insulin syringe) and injected slowly into the insulin vial. The vial is then rolled around slowly until the powder is dissolved, never shake the powder to dissolve it, people who buy Kigtropin for the first time often make this mistake. It will destroy and degrade the medicine. It can then be kept in the fridge and used accordingly.

Kigtropin can be used for much longer periods than other body building supplements such as steroids as they don’t carry the nasty side effects that steroids carry.

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