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Jintropin High quality HGH

Jintropin has been a mainstay of the HGH buying public for many years now. Most people think that it only comes from China but you can buy Jintropin in Russia and Mexico as well. This is because Gensci licence it to be made in these countries.

Its a high quality product which is tested at every level

This means it is original Jintropin and not some Russian copy. You can buy it with confidence that you are getting a premier product. Its not only an excellent product its relatively cheap compared to other western brands.


Jintropin Scratch panels with fibres

The lab tests results show Jintropin is high grade pure HGH

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Jintropin is manufactured under strict government control


  • Its made under qualitative guidelines imposed by governing bodies. This ensures the same quality is produced consistently.
  • Jintropin is made under to GMP FDA  standards. This is the protocol that all other quality HGH products must adhere to to be licensed. These include other makers such as Pfizer, Lilly and Merck.
  • Very hard to fake. Jintropin now has several security features which means its very hard to fake. The seal has fibres in it which fakers find it impossible to replicate.
  • Authentication system. Each box has a unique sticker with fibres and serials on it and it’s very difficult to forge them. You can spot a fake easily. You can also verify them on the Gensci web page. So as to avoid buying fake Jintropin.


The reputation of Jintropin

The reputation of Jintropin took a knock a few years ago when people started to complain about the quality of the product. However this was not really the fault of Gensci as it was the fakers that flooded the market with low quality replicas. Gensci now have the problem under control with all the security features we have spoken about.

What kind of help will taking Jintropin give me?

  • Will provide an increase in muscle cells
  • Increase in bone mass
  • Stabilises blood pressure
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Improves cholesterol profile
  • Increases libido
  • Increases strength
  • Bolsters the immune system
  • Quickens healing

How to identify real Jintropin

  • The sticker  has a special scratch panel, under which the unique code of the kit is found.
  • Generally, each kit contains vials with HGH powder and ampules with bacteriostatic water. Some of the kits also contain syringes depending on which one they are. This can be very useful.

There are two kinds of Jintropin on the market today: Jintropin replica (it has Chinese hieroglyphs) and genuine Jintropin Europharm (the box has Cyrillic letters)


Please be aware that we now send bigger orders of Jintropin in combination of 100iu and 200iu Kits. This means if you ordered 500iu we would send you 2x200iu plus 100iu. The 200iu Kits have no water contained in them. If you need water and dont want to source it yourself please let us know and we will arrange some for you.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Jintropin purchase.

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