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Hypertropin comes from Neogenica Bioscience which is an underground lab operating out of China and sometimes shipping from India. OK but there have been some issues with heat degredation

Hypertropin is unusual in that it comes in larger packs than the regular HGH. It comes in kits of 120iu per box. If you are to buy hypertropin in the UK you should be aware of this. HGH usually comes in packs of 100 IU. Hypertropin is a high quality product that comes from the makers of jintropin so it is definitely a quality product. Perhaps not as good as Jintropin but a close second best. Hypertropin is very closely associated with the five kits website, and these seem to be the major purveyors of this product. It can however be had elsewhere in UK you can buy hypertropin in UK from us.

Hypertropin more usually came in kits of 120iu (10x12iu vials) but now you can buy hypertropin in 100iu kits

Actually having said that, you can now buy hypertropin in 100 IU packs rather than the traditional 120iu kits.

typical 120iu kits of hypertropin

100iu Hypertropin

The Original Hypertropin came in green boxes of 120iu

100iu hypertropin

If you where to buy Hypertropin in the past the chances are that you would have bought the larger 120 iu box. The makers however have seemed to have listening to customers reviews and made the smaller box. Which is more traditional. It still contains the same good product that we have come to expect from this brand-name. As mentioned previously hypertropin came about when Jintropin ceased production a few years back. The makers of Hypertropin tried to fill the void left by this quality HGH and have done an OK job. If you are looking to buy a premier freeze dried powdered HGH though, Jintropin would still be my choice. Although you can buy hypertropin in the UK as a quality compromise.

you can still buy the more traditional green packs of hypertropin containing 120iu
What is hypertropin?

Its 191 amino acid somatropin not (somatrem) so you will not have any rejection issues with it or redness at the injection site. As we all know HGH has miraculous properties concerning muscle regeneration and staying young. It has all the ability is that we come to expect from this miraculous product. It can regenerate skin, increase collagen, increase, muscle and bone density and definitely increase the libido. Recombinant HGH and therefore hypertropin was originally meant for medical purposes, by this we mean adults with hGH deficiency or children who were not reaching certain height markers. Mostly these days its used for non-medical purposes, by this we mean bodybuilding and staying young.

There is now more evidence to back up the claims made by Hypertropin users

Initially the claims made by HGH users seemed far-fetched and somewhat incredulous. However, after several years of use there is more evidence coming in to support the claims made buy HGH such as Hypertropin. It seems particularly good in reducing and removing stomach fat usually considered to be the middle age spread. People purchased this product (hypertropin) and were able to remove fat around the stomach area even with the lack of exercise. As you can imagine, add a little exercise into the mix and a good diet and some amazing results possible.

The great thing that Hypertropin users report in the UK, is that apart from an increase in muscle mass there is the concomitant increase in bone density. This is great for people who are getting on a bit and do not want to damage bone tissue because of increased muscle strength. The muscle gained by using hypertropin is quality muscle that responds well to the pump. This is the great feeling you get when getting really into exercising a particular muscle to the point where you achieve near perfection.

Where does Hypertropin come from?

It comes from China, and it’s made by a company called NeoGenica BioScience. Just because it’s from China people think the quality is not good. With Hypertropin and Jintropin this assumption is quite wrong. Both of these products are made to the highest standards by legitimate companies and often shipped to the west as a standalone products. Doctors and clinics are particularly happy to use Jintropin especially, without any cause for concern.


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