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Hygetropin is made by  Zhongshan BioPharm, since 1995

Hygetropin is another quality HGH product coming out of China.  Zhongshan BioPharm the company that makes Hygetropin has been producing this HGH since 2001 and got its GMP licence from the Chinese regulators in 2006. This means of course that it must adhere to certain manufacturing standards.


Its a fully verifiable HGH product

You can check out your serial number on the company website hygetropin.biz and verify your Hygetropin as the real article. Hygetropin has a great reputation amongst HGH users and body builders in particular will usually buy this product to increase muscle mass.

Its mostly used by body builders

Although this product is pure somatropin (HGH) which could easily be used by the anti-ageing fraternity it tends to be a staple of body builders. It will produce lean quality muscle which is an improvement over steroid use which can be harmful to the liver. Hygetropin is not harmful to the liver as its a substance which the body produces naturally itself but at lower levels, especially as we get older.

Hygetropin for sale

Full 191 amino acid HGH

For those that know something about the structure of HGH you will know that a few years ago it was quite possible you could buy 192 amino acid HGH. This in fact was not the same HGH which we produce in our bodies and it lead to some rejection problems. You will be pleased to know that Hygetropin is pure 191 amino acid HGH Somatropin. Its identical to that which we produce naturally.

Just add water

The freeze dried HGH powder is presented in 10x10iu vacuum sealed vials. It needs mixing with the bacteriostatic water (supplied) before it can be injected. Its best done gently by rolling the vial slowly once the water is added as shaking can damage the fragile HGH. It is best injected with an insulin syringe. For those who are used to injecting steroids you will be glad to know its a much smaller needle.

Its good quality and a good price

This is an excellent quality HGH. Its much better quality than Kigtropin which looks and sounds quite similar. It was a target of fakers in the past especially when production stopped in China for a couple of years when Zhongshan BioPharm GMP licence was revoked. But now its quite hard for counterfeiters to fake Hygetropin especially with the verifiable serial numbers that Zhongshan BioPharm place under the scratch panels.

Benefits of Hygetropin

Hygetropin will build quality muscle, it is also is good at burning off fat around the stomach area. It will boost the immune system, increase the libido as well as improve the cholesterol profile of the user. It improves skin tone and increases bone density.


Body building. If its taken for body building the usual dosage is 4-8iu per day split between morning and evening. Its best not taken just before you go to bed as it can interfere with your normal growth hormone production overnight. Your own growth hormone is mostly produced during sleep. You should stay on it as long as you can for best results. HGH delivers muscle slower than traditional steroids but give better quality gains. You should really do a 3 month course minimum.

Anti-ageing. For anti-ageing you do not need to take as much as body builders so it will last you longer. Just 1-2iu per day is needed and you do not need to split it into morning and evening doses. The length of the course is entirely up to yourself but you will start to see results after 1 month.


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