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Humatrope HGH from Eli Lilly


Humatrope is a premier product with a price to match which can be used for body building


All the big pharmaceutical companies produce their own brand of human growth hormone and Humatrope is the name of recombinant HGH that Lilly produce. As you might expect from a premier pharmaceutical manufacturing company humatrope is an extremely refined product that is injected with a HGH pen. HGH pens are similar to insulin pens.


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Its one of the strongest HGH’s on the market

So most people on this website will be using HGH for bodybuilding purposes and of course humatrope is excellent for this purpose. It consists of extremely pure and refined somatropin and so because of this it has high potency. Humatrope is an extremely powerful HGH product.


The pen comes in 3 different sizes, 6mg, 12mg and 24mg

The product comes in 3 different sizes and they each need a different size pen to inject.

6mg (18iu) Humatrope mixing device and cartridge
12mg (36iu) pen and mixing device
24mg (72iu) pen and mixing device


Humatropen (the injection device)


What a lot of HGH buyers who purchase humatrope do not realise is that most HGH sites do no provide the injection device. Many people mistake the mixing device for the injection pen, only to find when they receive their order is that they have nothing to inject themselves with. Most people in this situation will then faff about with insulin syringes to actually inject the HGH. We provide a humatropen pen with each order.

The humatrope HGH injection pen (not to be confused with the mixing device)


How to use the injection device


Its an excellent product for body builders and anti-agers


Humatrope is an excellent product and is often used by body builders because of its excellent ability to build quality long lasting muscle. It may not be one of the cheapest HGH products on the market but you have to bear in mind that its made by a western pharmaceutical company and it includes a lot of kit which costs money. HGH pens are often used by body builders when they are using HGH for the first time. After becoming more confident with mixing and injecting the often move on to a better value HGH powder. With the HGH (all of them) a lot of the time you are paying for the convenience.


Humatrope has several uses

This product can be used for both medical and non medical reasons.

Medical reasons are:

  1. Treatment of burns
  2. Building up muscle mass after illness
  3. To treat the short stature of children
  4. To treat HGH deficient adults
  5. Increase bone mass and density
  6. Strengthening the immune system

Non medical uses are:

  1. Body building
  2. Losing fat
  3. Increasing libido
  4. Slowing and reversing the ageing process
  5. Improving the skin and removing wrinkles
  6. Getting better sleep
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