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HGH boosters are scams

HGH Scams and boosters v real Somatropin

Don’t be tricked by websites selling HGH Boosters or releasers Its not real human growth hormone

So the word we have to be careful about here is HGH boosters and releasers. A lot of websites that come top for “Buy HGH” Google searches are in fact websites offering to BOOST your HGH. This is not real HGH. Its usually some herbal concoction promised to increase your bodies own production of human growth hormone, or Somatropin.

Some of these website will package up some pills which may or may not contain vitamins. These may actually increase your natural HGH production by a tiny amount. But nowhere near the amount of HGH that you need to make a real difference.

HGH cannot get through the skin HGH patches are a swindle


These scam HGH boosters will often be presented as pills, sprays, creams, gels or patches. If you see them this means it cannot be real HGH. Real HGH which is also called Somatropin can only be injected. HGH is a fragile protein molecule which cannot be taken in pill spray or cream form.

When you are looking at buying HGH you must first check that it actually is Somatropin and that it must be injected.

HGH dietary supplements are a waste of money. They are marketed as HGH but are anything but, usually sugar pills



HGH releasers are the same type of scam

HGH releasers are marketed  as amino acids, primarily L-arginine, which will actually promote natural HGH release but only by a tiny amount and for a short time. They are basically useless for the purpose they are intended for. However because they do actually increase HGH release the marketing guys have jumped on this.

Also these HGH releasers only work on people who are producing a healthy amount of growth hormone anyway. It does not work on people who are deficient in HGH (such as older people) so it kinda defeats the object.


Some types of HGH releasers actually contain animal pituitary glands. This can have a serious health risk as its thought that mad cow disease can be transmitted in this way. Do not consume any HGH releasers that contain animal parts

Real HGH must be mixed with water and injected

Real HGH must be mixed and injected. Some HGH pens come with the HGH already in solution ready for injection and this is fine. The only problem with HGH taken in this way it it doesn’t tend to keep in storage for as long. It only has a short “use by date”

Real HGH can only be injected. You can see the HGH powder on the left just prior to mixing with the solvent on the right. HGH powder will usually dissolve within minutes. Some fake HGH has been known to be replaced with sodium bicarbonate which looks similar and dissolves in about the same time frame. Picture above is of a 36iu genotropin go quick pen


So be careful and buy genuine HGH that actually works

So here is a quick checklist you can use to make sure you are buying real HGH

  1. Make sure it contains the active ingredient Somatropin. This is the scientific term used for HGH.
  2. Make sure it is NOT a pill or capsule. HGH cannot be absorbed through the stomach.
  3. If your HGH is sold as a spray of any type you can be sure its just a marketing gimmick.
  4. Creams claiming to contain HGH do not exist. HGH cannot “soak” through the skin.
  5. HGH releasers can actually be dangerous, some of them are known to contain animal brains involved in the disease known as mad cow disease.


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  1. I wish I read this before i bought those fuckin stupid hgh releasers, complete waste of tim and money, never ever ever buy anything from https://www.hghmastermind.com/ total crap, I would have been better chewing cardboard

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