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Buy Gen-tropin Aqx for A HGH product that is slightly different than the norm. AQx means that the cartridge is already aqueous. And this in turn means that the powder and diluent have already been mixed. So there is no mixing required for Gen-tropin Aqx cartridges. Its already in solution. Normally once the HGH powder has been mixed with the water/diluent the solution must be used within 30 days. However Gen-tropin Aqx cartridges are OK for up to 12 weeks. This is of course providing it has been kept refrigerated, but NEVER frozen. This product is also light sensitive and so must be kept in the dark or it can quickly degrade.

Can be used with or without a pen (injection device)

Gentropin Aqx comes ready mixed and can be used with either a pen or syringe $300-600 per 100iu

The glass vials come in a heat heat sealed plastic tray. The actual glass vials themselves are made to a high quality. Because they are ell made its become harder for fakers to make these products. Because of this fakers tend to go more the powders so Gen-tropin Aqx does not really suffer at the hands of fakers and counterfeiters.The great thing about Gen-tropin Aqx is that it doesn’t have to be used with the HGH pen. You can use a regular insulin syringe and simply push it through the rubber stopper on top of the cartridge. Then simply draw up how much you want. This isn’t just a “make do and mend” option thought up by anybody. This is an actual option that the manufacturers Bio-Gen Pharma Ltd recommend. So you know it wont cause any problems. Of course you can use the pen if you have one but if not its still happy days. This is one off the selling points for those in the UK wanting to buy Gen-tropin Aqx. For full injection and dosage information refer to the manufacturers instructions. Gen-Tropin-AQx®-cartridges-information-leaflet

How does it compare in terms of quality?

Its actually a highly refined product. It contains pure somatropin which is of course made up of only 191 amino acids. It uses recombinant mammalian cell technology to produce the HGH. So this is a move away from the usual bacterial method. Because of this there is no problems with bacterial contamination. A lot of HGH powders using the E.Coli bacterial method to produce HGH have problems with bacterial residues left over. Gen-tropin Aqx is made using mammalian cell technology so it doesn’t have this problem. There are no reports of sore injection sites or any immune reactions so we can conclude that Gen-tropin Aqx is a quality product.

Gen-tropin Aqx is made only for domestic use for the Chinese market. Because of this you will only find it on western markets and websites where its been provided by independent suppliers and re-shippers. There are some Chinese pharmacists who will send it mail order. Really its only supposed to be sold on prescription so finding a pharmacist who will could be a problem. Anyway you don’t need to bother with that. If you are looking to buy Gen-tropin Aqx and you are in the UK just use our services here at
HGH UK.What is availability like?



What benefits do adults get from taking Gen-Tropin AQX?

Adults take this medicine if they suffer from Adult Growth Hormone deficiency. Or it could be because they are a body builder. Or indeed they may by Gen-tropin Aqx if they really do have a deficiency in growth hormone. Below is a list of symptoms which may occur if you are lacking in growth hormone. Gen-tropin Aqx will remedy these symptoms.

Symptoms you may have if you are lacking in adult growth hormone

  • Larger than normal deposits of fat around the waist and stomach
  • Lack of interest in sex and low libido
  • Decreases stamina and more rest needed during exercise
  • Muscle wastage and loss
  • Sagging and wrinkled skin with no elasticity
  • Thinning hair which is losing colour
  • Weak immune system and poor wound healing
  • Problems with memory
  • Looking and feeling older than your actual age
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Poor mental health
  • Weakened bones and increased fractures
  • Bad cholesterol profile
  • Feeling the cold a lot more
  • Being anxious or depressed



If we are a healthy individual you will have had high levels of HGH in your youth. These levels drop off rapidly once we get past a certain age. But we still need HGH in our systems as we grow older. Its used as a master hormone to regulate other hormones such as IGF-1 and others. It also protects against cell damage.In the UK Gen-tropin Aqx will remedy any lack of HGH in adults. You can take it as a measure to replace missing HGH. Or you can take Gen-tropin Aqx as a positive measure to actively increase HGH levels over and above what they would normally be. In this case we say its for non medical use. And this would include body building and trying to turn back the clock on age.


Gen-tropin Aqx is particular favourite amongst the anti-ageing community

Because this product is already mixed its particularly popular with people trying to slow down the ageing process. This is because its already mixed and doesn’t involve any messing around with powders and vials etc. Body builders are usually used to mixing hormones together and injecting, whether it be steroids or HGH. So its ease of use makes it convenient. The fact that it can be used in a pen is also attractive. This is because it can be carried around and even taken to work. You can even inject in your lunch hour, the same as you would if it was insulin.


Its great for building muscle

Gen-tropin Aqx is the same growth hormone that contributes to growth spurt we get in our teens. As well as preserving muscle it will also promote new muscle growth. This is probably the main reason body builders use Gen-tropin Aqx. The HGH that this product contains acts on the liver to produce a hormone called IGF-1. This is what actually is responsible for most of the muscle growth seen with HGH use. A lot of body builders do, in fact, just inject IGF-1 instead of HGH. Using just IGF-1 will promote lean muscle growth but it wont provide a lot of the other benefits that HGH brings. Other benefits such as: great skin, full hair, strong immune system and increased libido. The usual dosages for body builders is 2iu morning and 2iu evening. The idea is to keep good levels of HGH in the bloodstream for as long as possible. If a body builder just takes one 4iu shot of Gen-tropin Aqx per day he will have high concentrations of HGH 3-5 hours after injecting. After that levels will begin to fall. So to get the most from the injections its best to split the dosage and take it twice daily. The needle is only a small insulin syringe anyway so there is no real pain or discomfort. It is however best to rotate the injection sites.

Will it help me lose weight?

It may not actually help you lose weight but it will help you get rid of fat. Because it will promote muscle growth and burn fat there may not be a net reduction in body weight. What you will see however is the loss of fat especially around the abdomen. Its not just anecdotal evidence either. Its back up by science.In 1990 an New England Journal of Medicine study showed that people taking HGH got a 9% gain in muscle mass. They also got a reduction of around 14% in fat. The loss of fat seemed mostly to come around the waist area. This is ideal for body builders wanting to show off that midriff.

Gen-tropin Aqx is therefore suitable for a variety of purposes.


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