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Q. How long do I have to wait until I receive my order?

A. Its usually 2-3 days for the USA, UK and Australia, 3-7 days worldwide but these times can vary slightly. We usually confirm all orders in 24h and send order next day after.

Q. Will I receive a tracking number?

A. Yes, a lot of other sites only provide a tracking number if there is a problem with delivery but we provide it at the start so you can track your item all the way to your door.

Q. Why cant I use credit cards or Paypal?

A. We have used several paypal accounts and they always get closed on us. We do not have the facilities to take credit card payments and in any case they are traceable which is not advisable when you are selling controlled substances.

Q. I paid yesterday but haven’t heard anything back from you?

A. We confirm the payment up to 2 working days. (usually next working day after payment). We work Monday do Friday only. You will not be waiting more than 2 days for your order confirmation please be patient.

Q. Is my order guaranteed, what if its stopped at customs?

A. First of all if you live in the UK, Australia, USA or Canada your item will not have to pass customs so there is no possibility of it getting seized. If you order from Europe we can ship from the UK so it will also not get stopped at customs because it is in the European Customs Union.

If your order does get stopped at customs and you show us a seizure notice we will resend or refund.

Q. I dont want this now, I don’t like the look of it can I return it for a refund?

A. Yes, if you return the item to us within a week and all the seals and packaging are intact we will refund.


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