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Can HGH really slow the ageing process?

Nobody relishes getting older and all the health problems and worsening quality of life that comes with that. But in todays world of wonder drugs and scientific marvels is there anything that comes close to being the fountain of youth? Could HGH be the answer to ageing?


HGH increases cell regeneration but also increases life span


HGH levels and telomere length

The telomeres are pieces of protein and RNA mixed up together at the ends of each chromosome. Its been known now for several decades that telomeres are a bit like a burning candle. When it gets to the end it dies. And when our telomeres get used up we die. They are thought of as a pair of shoe laces at the end of each chromosome. When the chromosome replicates the telomeres undo and tie up again and start to fall apart as an old pair of shoelaces would.


A scientific study in 2009 proved without doubt that high HGH levels correspond to positive telomere length

A 2009 study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism looked at 2744 men and found that those with the longest telomeres had the highest levels if IGF1. IGF1 is the peptide hormone which is released in response to high HGH levels. This study is following men to the end of life and initial reports are that those with the longest telomeres are living longest.



HGH enables enzymes to repair and grow telomeres

However the enzymes that repair and reinforce telomeres work best when optimal levels of HGH are in the cytoplasm. Now HGH use has become more prevalent more data is coming in. This data shows that  the single most important factor factor in allowing telomeres to re-grow and regenerate was high HGH levels.


HGH releases IGF1 which causes telomeres to grow

HGH levels were proportionate to telomere growth. The higher the HGH levels were (and therefore IGF1) the longer and stronger telomeres were. it has been found now that HGH is the single most important agent when it comes to cell regeneration and repair.


Studies done on mice show a 70% increase in life span corresponding to HGH induced telomere length.

A famous study done in mice followed them over a seven year period. One test group were given exogenous HGH and another were not. In the group which had the HGH injections telomeres were shown to be relatively longer but what was most interesting is that life span of the mice increased by 70%.

Studies in mice show a 70% increase in life span in those treated with HGH. It looks like the story could be similar in humans as more data comes in. Most of the scientists involved in this study are now taking HGH injections[/caption]


More Life

Its not known whether this longevity was solely due to telomere length. It was clear though that HGH had played a crucial role in increasing the life span of these mice. Could the same be true in humans. We don’t know yet but as more data is coming in it looks as though it may well be the case. Best to take HGH now, just so as not to miss the boat so to speak. Its known that all the scientists involved in the study take HGH supplements.


Cell regeneration with HGH and what it means for longevity

HGH is known to activate a particular gene that deals with cell regeneration. As we get older levels of HGH decline and the gene doesn’t switch on. Its thought that this is one of the major reasons for many of the ailments we see in old age. Its like nature is done with us. We have already reproduced so its time for the next generation.

But with artificially increasing HGH levels we can switch on this gene even in the very old. This has lead to reports of improved hearing, eyesight and a host other age related conditions. This is demonstrated in several scientific studies again on mice.


Now that we can synthesise HGH in unlimited quantities there is a very strong case for its use amongst the general public and not just body builders and the usual health nuts


Its abundantly clear that taking HGH as a health supplement can stave off the effects of ageing and possibly even ageing itself. It can halt and even reverse some of the depressingly inevitable ailments of old age such as poor eyesight and hearing. Along with its proven ability to add muscle, increase bone density bolster the immune system and shed fat it would seem that its a no brainer when it comes to using HGH to fight age.

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