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Should you buy Pfizer Genotropin

You could do worse than to buy Genotropin for a quality product made by Pfizer

All big pharmaceutical companies tend to produce their own brand of HGH and Pfizer is no exception. The name they have given their product is Genotropin. IF people want a HGH pen from Pfizer they will usually buy Genotropin. Its comes in a variety of different packages and delivery devices. Usually pre-filled single use pens and re-usable pens.

Buy Genotropin 36iu

We use frozen Gel packs to keep our HGH at the correct temperature during transit


As with most of the bigger, better know companies Genotropin has a great reputation as a quality product. Because of this they tend to charge much higher prices than the HGH products coming out of China. Something else that adds to the cost is the pen itself. It’s quite well engineered and does impact on the price for those looking to buy HGH in the UK. The most popular Genotropin product in the UK is the 36iu Genotropin Go-Quick pen. It’s a reusable product that can be taken with you wherever you are going. Or it can be kept at home in the fridge. Its fine to take out of the fridge for periods not longer than a few days (once mixed) but its best home really is the fridge.

36iu Genotropin pen

The dial on the side of the pen can be used to inject HGH down to really quite small amounts, even 0.1mg. And the pen is very easy to use even for children. However all this convenience does come at a price and those looking to buy Genotropin will have to pay more than those buying a freeze dried powder.

Where can I purchase Genotropin?

Well if you reside in the USA or Western Europe the only place you will be able to get it is with a prescription and at a pharmacist. And then the cost can be astronomical. Its better to buy it from the internet. These products are manufactured by the same company but just for other foreign markets where they sell them much cheaper.

Pfizer make Genotropin for other countries where the customer usually has less cash so they mark the price down considerably (just shows how much money they have been making in the first place). So the internet comes to the rescue, you can easily now contact other vendors in different countries and get them shipped to you.

Why would someone want to buy Genotropin?

People buy Genotropin for a variety of reasons. These come under 2 different categories: Medical and Non Medical. Medical reasons would be, for example, a child who does not produce enough natural growth hormone and is short for his age. The child would need to take Genotropin for increased height. He must do this however before the skeletal growing plates fuse or it will not work. Another medical reason would be for adults to take it. Some adults have growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency in adults can lead to a whole host of problems including excess fat, poorer metabolism, brittle bones, bad lipid cholesterol profile etc, the list goes on. What’s more worrying however is that growth hormone deficiency in adults is know to cause shorter life spans. So while the jury is out on whether injecting HGH into a healthy individual may or may not increase life expectancy. It sure does make those who are taking HGH in the UK live a longer healthier lifestyle.

Age well.

While we cant stop getting older we can certainly do it in a way that doesn’t affect our quality of life. Genotropin HGH will regulate your sleep patterns so you get refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. It will also maintain the libido so you can have a bit of fun along the way.

Sports and strength. Genotropin will increase the muscle and bone mass of any body taking it. This is the main reason body builders are so keen on it. Plus, because its a substance which is natural to the body you wont get those nasty side effects that you get with anabolic steroids.
Lose fat. Whilst there may not be an overall massive reduction in weight, it will replace fat with muscle so you will look and feel a whole lot better. Muscle will also burn fat even when at rest so it make sense to take UK genotropin for this reason alone.

Genotropin v Norditropin and others

When someone is considering a HGH pen purchase, they want to get the best one for their uses. On the market today there are a wide range of HGH pens for the UK user to choose from. Which is the best? Of all the HGH pens Genotropin is the most popular in the UK and quite a few other countries and people will tend to buy this one when they have a choice.

Really and truthfully though there is no real difference between any of the HGH pens.They are all made by premier companies such as Pfizer or Novo Nordisk and are legally bound in the countries they manufacture these products to get it right. They all make their products via GMP (Good manufacturing protocols) and would face billion dollar lawsuits if they ever got it wrong. So you know their product is going to do exactly what it says on the packaging. In our opinion there is no major difference in any of the HGH pens people in the UK wish to buy.

What about needle tips

You are right to ask about this. A lot of the HGH do not include needle tips and these must be bought separately. In some countries a prescription is required for these needles so its good that we supply them on here. http://www.bd.com/hypodermic/products/ is the company which supplies most of the HGH pens. If you buy HGH from us we will send you a pack free to get you started. You are also free to buy any more from us if you should wish to.

Is it better to buy Genotropin or go for a cheaper powder

It really depends and how will you trust the powders compared to the more refined genotropin product. You can be assured that Pfizer will provide a 100% reliable and safe product. A lot of of the companies producing hormone powders also provide a reliable and safe products but at a fraction of the cost. If you are using hGH for the first time perhaps it may be a good idea to use the more expensive Genotropin. After this you could use the cheaper hormonal powders which you have to mix yourself. Then you may be able to compare each product. In our experience there is not a great deal of difference between some of the more expensive powders and Genotropin. In the past a lot of Chinese companies produced somatropin hGH for Western doctors and clinics and they found that there was not a great deal of difference.

Is this the same HGH that body builders use?

Yes, Genotropin contains the same compounds that bodybuilders use to gain muscle. Although originally Genotropin was intended for medical use it became popular in bodybuilding circuits. It was initially produced to help children who had trouble in reaching height at certain stages of their development. It was also used for adults who did not produce enough of their own hGH. But the muscle producing powers after somatropin and therefore Genotropin would not be lost on those wishing to gain more muscle and not have to use anabolic steroids.

So if you are thinking about buying genotropin with the intention of gaining significant amounts of muscle you have found the right product. The only thing that stopped bodybuilders purchasing genotropin for their training was the price. But recently, it has been more easily available through online pharmacies such as this one. The power of the Internet strikes back at big business.

In fact, Pfizer was one of the companies who backs legitscript. legitscript are an organisation dedicated to removing lower-priced HGH products from the web. They do this to keep their prices vastly inflated. However thanks to the Internet people have been able to buy them in countries where they are much cheaper. Genotropin is a prime example of this.

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