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Omnitrope HGH

Omnitrope is made by the European company Sandoz from Austria. It is a premier pharmaceutical grade HGH product. This is not your usual offering from China (as good as those are. This is as good a product as you are going to get. Its highly regulated as you would expect and only the finest HGH is allowed to leave the factory.


Omnitrope is highly effective at metabolising fats and increasing muscle. It has the anabolic effect  steroids but not the serious side effects. One of its medical uses is to stimulate the growth in children who are short for their age. It does this by stimulating growth at the growth plates in the long bones before they are fused. Omnitrope will also contribute to muscle formation and the loss of body fat in those using it in both children and adults.

Omnitrope gets rid of visible fat

Its especially good at removing the adipose layer just under the skin. This is known as visceral fat and its the fat which is rather unpleasant to look at. HGH reduces fat by quickening lipolysis and slowing the formation of triglycerides into body fat. Injecting Omnitrope somatropin will also increase the amount of IGF1 (insulin like growth hormone) and this in turn increases muscle mass.

Omnitrope pens with cartridges at a great price. It is possible to use the Omnitrope cartridge with an insulin syringe but this is not needed here as we supply the pen in the price

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The biological effects of Omnitrope

Omnitrope has a profound impact on the metabolism of all nutrients in the body. It will positively effect the metabolism of proteins fats and carbs and maintain a positive nitrogen balance. In other words it will cut fat and increase muscle.


Carbohydrates are more efficiently utilised with the energy from this fuel going into the building of muscle rather than the laying down of visceral adipose tissue (fat).


Omnitrope improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol in the body. It increases the amount of low density lipoproteins (LDL cholesterol) which is considered the good cholesterol. It also slows down the formation of body fats and converts them into muscle. Even sedentary muscle uses energy so fat is further reduced even when at rest.

Bone Health and growth

Omnitrope was originally used to increase bone growth in children to make them taller. In adults Omnitrope increases bone density and strength to keep up with the enlarged muscles. Mineral deposition is improved and so bone density is increased, even in those suffering from osteoporosis.


Omnitrope HGH is not just used by body builders. Endurance athletes can also benefit from injected HGH somatropin. Its now well established increased HGH from an external source will increase both physical endurance and muscle strength. It is excellent when taken alongside cardiovascular exercise.

The availability of HGH in the body after injection

2-4 hours after injection the level of available HGH in the blood peaks. Its around 80% bioavailability of what was initially injected. It is much better to inject into fat (a pinch of stomach fat is best) as this gives a slower more steady release into the blood stream. This goes for both men and women. Its best not to inject just before sleep as this can interfere with the bodies natural production of HGH.

Omnitrope and other drug interactions

Omnitrope is not thought to interact in a dangerous way with any other drugs. In facr it is thought to help metabolise harmful drugs more efficiently from the body by increasing the function of the liver. It is also known to act in a synergistic way with anabolic steroids by amplifying their effects. HGH and steroids are known to be an explosive combination.

How to use Omnitrope and get the correct dose for your goals

Omnitrope comes ready mixed in a glass cartridge with a rubber stopper at one end. It is designed for use with the Omnitrope pen but users have been known to draw out the liquid with a insulin syringe.

When Omnitrope is used with the Surepal pen, which it was designed for, then new needle tips should be used for each injection. The pen takes Becton and Dickinson needles which are screwed on and discarded after each use for a fresh one. The syringe pens are designed for ease of use and most people can get the hang of them after a couple of attempts.

  • If the Omnitrope is cloudy or contains particles discard it
  • Always wash your hands before injecting
  • An alcohol swab can be used but isn’t always necessary
  • Inject into a layer fat is the best most efficient use of Omnitrope
  • Leave the needle in at the injection site for a least mins or you can some some liquid on needle retraction
  • Remove the needle tip and dispose of it safely
  • Once finished store the pen in the refrigerator

If you inject too much by mistake, not too worry nobody has ever overdosed in HGH unlike insulin.

If you forget to inject one time do do try and make up by taking the extra the next time. Just carry on with your routine.One day will not make much difference. In the early days of recombinant growth hormone people used to inject for 5 days then take 2 off just to make the supply go further.

So how much Omnitrope do you need to achieve your goals?

Like any quality HGH product you need to inject less for anti-ageing purposes than for bodybuilding. For anti-ageing we recommend anywhere between 1-3 iu per day. For body building the dose is higher at 4-8iu per days. A lot of body builders tend to use the powders which you can mix yourself as they are cheaper but the anti-agers just go with the pens such as Omnitrope for their ease of use. About injecting, its best to change the injection site daily. You only need to move a few inches away from the last site. You can also experience some slight bruising near the injection site.

When you probably shouldn’t use Omnitrope

  • If you are suffering or recovering from Cancer
  • After any heart operations or any respiratory failure
  • After your growth plates have fused (only if you a are a child looking to gain height)
  • Pregnant women should not use Omnitrope
  • If you are breastfeeding you should not use Omnitrope
  • If you have any allergic reaction to the drug
  • If you suffer from diabetes, very high blood pressure or hypothyroidism


Side Effects of Omnitrope

  • Water retention during the initial period of use is common and normally disappear after the first month of use. The water retention associated with HGH use is not as sever as that associated with anabolic steroids
  • The side effects of HGH rarely affect children. Its the older user who seems to get side effects but they are not severe and not long lasting
  • Hyperglycemia  can occur in some users who are insulin resistant. In very rare cases type 2 diabetes may occur with somatropin use. Theses side effects only appear to occur in those with a family history of such diseases and adjusting the dose may rectify theses side effects

How to store the Omnitrope cartridge

The Omnitrope solution is OK for 18 months as long as it is stored at the correct temperature. Once opened it should be used within 1 month. After using the Omnitrope Surepal pen for the first time you should always keep the cartridge stored in the pen. Obviously do not use out of date Omnitrope and always replace the Surepal pen after 24 months of use.

How to use the Omnitrope Injector pen

  1. The pen is a high quality piece of equipment which also accounts for some of the actual cost of the Omnitrope. Its quite easy to use and we have also included a video for your convenience.
  2. The injector pen we have here is the Omnitrope 10 pen and it comes for use with the 1.5ml, 10mg (30iu) cartridge.
  3. The pen can be set up to deliver as little as 0.3iu which is smaller than anyone would ever need and as much as 16iu. It has an adjustment wheel to set the correct dose and most people can use it even children.
  4. The pen is stored in a cardboard box with full easy to understand instrctions and a quick set up guide. You should always replace the pen after 24 months of use. Seeing as we provide a new pen with each kit this should never be an issue for you.


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