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Biotropin from Life-Tech labs


We have been very impressed with Biotropin. From being a relative unknown just a few years ago to having great reports for consistence, quality and a no-nonsense approach to fakers. Biotropin is one of the stars to stand out in the HGH world.


  • Biotropin is great quality

  • The price is excellent for the amount of HGH

  • Life-Tech labs provide a verification service


Biotropin comes in three different size kits, 120iu, 100iu and 60iu named Performance, Fitness and Wellness respectively

Its a great little HGH

This offering from Life-Tech labs is pure 191 amino acid somatropin. This company do offer other peptides but their somatropin is probably the best known and its reportedly their best seller. It comes with the appropriate bacteriostatic water. You will only need to buy some syringes and mix it yourself. It needs to be kept refrigerated especially after mixing. See where Biotropin comes in our top 11 list of HGH products.


Buy HGH Biotropin® Performance


Biotropin Performance

Benefits of Biotropin

Muscle mass

The 120iu kits is named Performance its used to build muscle mass and increase bone density. The benefits of using HGH over steroids for body building are that the side are effects are much less and it also has certain other benefits. These include great skin and hair, improved cholesterol profile, fat loss and a general well being.

Increased strength

Along with more muscle and muscle tonicity comes and increase in strength. Somatropin indeed any quality HGH will add on quality muscle. It increases the actual  number of muscle cells unlike steroids which only increases the muscle size. HGH makes more muscle by causing another hormone IGF1 to be produced which is the peptide which causes muscle growth. Because there is more strength this means more calories are burned and so weight is kept off.

Better cholesterol profile

Biotropin is also known to improve the ratio of good to bad cholesterol. A good HGH will always improve the cholesterol profile of the user male or female.

How do I know my Biotropin is genuine?

Well luckily for us Life-Tech labs provide an authentication service. You can simply check on their website to see if your product is genuine. If you follow this link where you will come to a page that looks like this:


Authenticate your biotropin



Then you just need to enter the serial number under your scratch panel to get know you have the genuine deal. the only problem we have with this is that you can actually see the number under the scratch panel without having to rub it off. Maybe this an issue which life-tech labs will address in the future. We certainly hope so.

Lifetech Labs Co., Ltd.
Biotechnology Cluster, Biotech Center 1
Science Park West Avenue
Hong Kong Science Park
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

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