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Beginners guide to dianabol

First time taking steroids. What it felt like and would I do it differently next time.

“I had originally decided to join a gym because I was underweight. I got a shock when I weighed myself and found I was only 145 pounds. Im 6 foot tall so you can imagine how it looked. I also felt terrible. I was working all week then I would go out with friends drinking and smoking pot of a weekend and it was beginning to show. After a long hard look in the mirror I made my mind up, I would give the gym a serious go.


Anyway after I joined the gym I found out just out of shape I was. Weak as a kitten and looking not good at all. But after going for a few weeks and eating well I started to notice the difference. I was filling out a bit more. I was getting stronger and I was feeling better. Weeks turned into months and eventually I was surprised to discover that I had actually been going for 2 years. In this time I had got up to 170 pounds. It may not sound like a lot but it was all muscle and I had lost any bits of fat that I had on my stomach.

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I had reached my ceiling

No matter how hard I trained after that I found I just couldnt put on any more weight and couldnt lift anything heavier than I was already doing. Im a naturally slim person so I was never going to be huge anyway. After talking to other guys at the gym I found out that all the big guys were taking (or had taken) steroids. You had to, if you wanted to get to the next level. Thats when I decided to give them a try.

I tried dianabol

Luckily enough I already knew I could get hold of some steroids so that wasnt a problem. I decided to give dianabol a try. I was excited when I first took them, and curious. I just wanted to see if it would really work on me. You hear all these stories about how much muscle you can gain using steroids. A lot of them looked like total bullshit to me but here I was going to find out first hand.

Week 1

I was taking 30mg dianabol a day. I was also going to the gym every other days whilst taking them. Anyway on the 5th day I sat on the shoulder press machine and began to do some reps with very little weight on , just to get warmed up. I then worked my way up to the heaviest weight I could press. Everything felt good. Lets give some extra weight a try I thought. So I adjusted the weight to one I knew that I couldnt lift just the week before and tried it. Fuck! it just went straight up, I added another weight, I struggled but it eventually went up. I was delighted, because I knew it worked. I wasnt looking any bigger, after all it was only 5 days but I was stronger.

The next 5 weeks

So I had decided to do it for 6 weeks. And so it went. I was eating like a trojan and really enjoying going to the gym. Thats the thing about taking steroids. It makes you recover much more quickly and actually makes you want to go to the gym. I was starting to get bigger too. Somedays I looked in the mirror and thought there is not much difference but sometimes its hard to see it yourself. Other people do notice though. I lost count of the times people told me “you look good”

The end results

So I eventually got to the end of the cycle and weighed myself. I had gained 18 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. Well, thats not quite correct, let me explain. I had not taken any ancillaries to deal with the side effects of steroids so I had also gained a little water, which soon came off, so the true amount of muscle I have gained in 6 weeks was 16 pounds.

Things that I didn’t expect

There was also things that happened to me that I wasn’t expecting and no-one told me to expect. My face looked fuller (and younger) the slight dark circles under my eyes disappeared. A weird thing that I didnt expect was that my armpits began to fill out ie become less deep wtf! I suppose that each person is different and that some unexpected results will happen to most people.

Would I do it differently next time?

Yes I would. I was have some anti-estrogen tablets to take during the course. I didn’t take them the first time cos I didnt think that I would need them but they would have kept off the water I gained. Also if you are sensitive to estrogen it would be advisable to keep some on hand. Just in case.

I would also have some clomid/nolvadex to take at the end of the course. After I finished  the course I had problems getting an erection for a couple of weeks until my natural testosterone production got back to full production. Because steroids are basically analogues of testosterone your body thinks it has too much testosterone in its system and so will stop production in the testes. This means that when you stop taking the steroid you are low in testosterone and its really difficult to get an erection. Nolvadex or Clomid at the end of the course is a well known remedy for this. Its a pity really because I seemed to get quite a bit more attention from the opposite sex whilst I was taking the steroids. I will know next time.

Anyway thats my experience. If  you decide to take steroids, work hard and eat well and you WILL get some decent results”.

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