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Which HGH do I buy? how do I know Im getting a decent product?

It can be a baffling experience looking for a decent HGH product to try for the first time. What do you look for? how to avoid fakes, how to buy the best quality HGH available at a fair price. It can be a lot to take in for the first time user.

Do your research and see where your HGH comes from

Making HGH is a million dollar investment. It cannot be made in someones kitchen sink. Unilke steroids you need more than an understanding of basic chemistry to make it. Thats why its always best to avoid brands that don’t have a big company name behind them.

Of course many people do buy generic HGH and it can be quite good. A lot of the time generic HGH is made by an offshoot of the big Chinese companies like Gensci and sold as unbranded to get around some of the legislation.

Check the brand is legit

You can do a few things to make sure you choose the best HGH. Check the company website. Is it a real company such as Pfizer, Merck etc. Some websites let you verify your product so you know its genuine before using it.

Examples of legit HGH companies


Pfizer is a real company


Ansomone makers

With Jintropin and Ansomone you should be able to verify your products

Gensci and Ankebio are fortunately now taking the fakers more seriously and have introduced a number of security features on their products. Jintropin has fibres embedded in the seals which the fakers find very hard to reproduce. Also they have unique serial numbers which can be verified on the relevant websites.

You can also look for reviews of these HGH products but take this with a caveat. A lot of the reviewers maybe reviewing a fake. They may have bought fake jintropin and maybe reviewing that so be careful when checking HGH reviews.

HGH price is important as you may need to take it for quite a long period

If you are looking at this website most probably you want to buy HGH for body building and strength purposes. Or you could be looking to slow the ageing process. If you are a body builder you will need to take quite high doses, at least 4iu per day. Because of this price can become an issue. Even though the price of HGH has come down in recent years it is still much more expensive than steroids.

What is the point in paying too much for a western sourced HGH when you can get legit stuff for a fraction of the price?

A word about some of the HGH brands we have for sale


Jintropin is made in several countries under licence by Gensci. Its quite legit to see Jintropin with Russian writing on it. It is real Jintropin just made for the Russian market and the good thing about this is that its a lot cheaper.


Not so long ago genotropin was out of the reach of anyone but the richest hollywood stars and the like. But with the internet and the availability of HGH sites just as this one its become much more affordable. We source our Genotropin Go-quick pens from Turkey and so they are priced for the Turkish market which means the price is much more affordable.

The genotropin we sell is exactly the same as the western or European product. In fact it is the same. The only difference you will find is that a sticky label (Turkish language) has been placed over the English literature. If you peel it off it will reveal information about the product in English.

Turkish Genotropin is the same as for the European USA market except that it has had a Turkish info sticker placed over the box


Kit has serial number under scratch panel. Head over to the website for verification – hygetropin.biz


Ansomone is another quality HGH brand from China. Made by Anhui Anke Biotech it consistently gets good feedback and reviews. Its one of the more popular HGH products that we sell on this site because you get quite a lot of quality HGH for your money.

buy HGH ansomone
Ansomone boxes contain individual boxes each containing a vail of HGH and water to mix it with

At the start of production many years ago Ansomone was in fact 192 aa (Somatrem) but now it is pure 191 aa Somatropin. Ansomone has holograms where unique codes are placed.  To verify go here  http://www.ankebio.com/english/

Some information about Iron Man HGH

  • We aim to provide the best customer service we can, we don,t want you to be waiting days for a reply to an email like other HGH vendors do.
  • Bulk Discounts. We can always do a bulk discount, we cannot give prices here because of currency fluctuations and the price we ourselves are paying for the HGH. So please contact us for a bulk HGH discount quote. We are sure something can be arranged.
  • Order updates. We provide tracking numbers within 24 hours so you can track it all the way. This is unlike other HGH vendors who are not good with customer service and only provide tracking numbers if there is a problem with the order.
  • Refund or resend in case of a problem. In the rare occurrence that a a package does get stopped at customs we will reship or refund. We can follow the tracking anyway so we will know if there is any problem.
  • Broken vials. If a vial is broken send us a photo as soon as you open the package and if its a genuine damage in transit breakage we will replace.
  • Customs. Because we hold stock in the USA and UK and some stock in Canada and Australia a lot of our orders do not even need to pass customs. If Anything gets stopped at the customs of another country we will resend or refund.
  • Short delivery times. We have shipping times of only 1-3 days in the countries where we hold stock. Other countries are 4-7 days. We can provide cold packaging if you live in a hot country. There is an extra charge for this.
  • We offer very competitive prices. You may get some other sites offering cheaper prices but often they are of lower purity or even fake.
  • Freeze dried. All our products are freezed dried an vacuum packed. This also shows that the HGH has kept its quality. You should hear a slight hiss as the pressure equalises when you open the top of the vial.
  • Pharmaceutical quality. All the products we sell are pharmaceutical grade. You need not have ay concerns about the quality of your HGH order.
  • Lab test results. We provide lab test results about the quality of our products here
  • Verifiable products. Stickers and serial numbers and the corresponding websites to verify the product


Reasons to take HGH

There are many reasons you should consider taking HGH, and many different goals. HGH has proven medical benefits and there are some areas where the evidence is not so cut and dried.

Proven benefits of HGH

  • Increase in muscle mass. Without doubt HGH will increase muscle. It all started with a sudy in the 80,s which showed that HGH given to a group of elderly men increased muscle mass by 15% over a 6 month period. It increases bot muscle cell number and size leading to better quality muscle compared to steroid use.
  • Loss of fat. The same study in elderly men showed a significant decrease in fat especially around the stomach area. Combined with excercise HGH use is a healthy and safe way to remove excess fat.
  • Increases bone mass. The increase in bone mass is not so substantial but it is real none the less. Its usual to gain a 2% increase in bone density over a 6 month period. This is significant in older people who may be experiencing some bone loss as a result of osteoporosis.
  • Healthier skin. HGH will increase the thickness of the skin and the amount of collagen in the skin. This reduces wrinkles. Doctors will prescribe a course of HGH precisely for this reason to burns victims as it will regenerate damaged skin.
  • Strengthens cartilage. Increases the strength of both tendons and ligaments which is useful because of the extra strain the bigger muscles will be putting on the.
  • Recovery from Injury or Trauma. HGH will accelerate the healing process in any sports injury. It is also used after surgery to speed up healing. It will also shorten the recovery times needed between intense training sessions.
  • Strengthens the immune system. Will increase the ability to fight off infection.
  • Treats Multiple Sclerosis. For the first time now doctors are using HGH to treat MS. Multiple Sclerosis is a muscle wasting disease and HGH has shown itself to improve sufferers muscle mass.
  • Improves the cholesterol profile. Increase the ratio of good cholesterol LDL to that of bad cholesterol HDL so improving heart health.

The unfounded benefits of HGH

  • Reduces the number of grey hairs. There is anecdotal evidence that HGH will reverse the amount of grey hair you have. It will also increase the body and lustre of your hair. Men suffering male pattern baldness and women suffering hair loss have reported an increase in hair production after using HGH but no studies have been conducted.
  • Increased libido. There have been no studies done on this but users definitely report a feeling of a renewed interest in sex. If the taking of HGH improves health it stands to reason it will increase libido. Perhaps you may want to conduct your own tests.
  • Can reverse the ageing process. While there is evidence it can improve some of the signs of ageing such as muscle loss and old skin it certainly will not make you younger. It is not the fountain of youth as some would have you believe.
  • Improves eyesight. There is some evidence by users reporting a reduced need for wearing reading glasses but the jury is till out on this one.

Real HGH versus Scams

You will often come across vendors on the internet trying to sell you “Legal HGH” or “HGH Boosters” and such like. This is not real HGH but usually a herbal remedy or vitamins designed to boost the users own natural production of HGH. While there is some evidence that these may work they show no more of an increase in natural HGH production than getting a good nights sleep.

Another one to be wary of is HGH pills, creams or sprays. At present the only way HGH can be taken is through the skin by injection. (Teva have use a Tject pen which can force the HGH through the skin without using a needle). Technology at the moment does not exist to put HGH in a pill or cream. If you see a website selling these its not real HGH but a so called HGH booster.






Why HGH pills patches and sprays do not work

  • They are priced very cheaply. Genuine HGH costs quite a lot of money to manufacture and some of these pills and sprays are priced at only a few dollars. If it looks too good to be true it probably is.
  • The HGH molecule cannot pass through the stomach lining or intestine undigested. Its a bit like snake venom it only works when injected.
  • Like wise the HGH molecule cannot pass through the skin in the form of a cream. It is too large and too fragile a molecule for this vector to work. As of yet HGH creams are useless.
  • HGH sprays are useless, they cannot pass through the mucous membrane. Real HGH can only be injected. HGH sprays are just a scam. Be warned.

What exactly is human growth hormone: HGH explained

Human growth hormone or HGH is actually a protein made up of amino acids 191 to be precise. In the early days of HGH production it was easier to produce 192 amino acid HGH for technical reasons. This is not HGH (Somatropin) but something called (Somatrem). It had the same effect as regular 191 amino acid HGH but produced some undesirable side effects. However today all HGH is 191 amino acid so the modern user need not worry about getting the wrong type.

We produce it naturally

HGH is produced naturally in the human body with peak production being in the age group 18-30. After that levels decline each year. It is considered a master hormone which regulates other hormones. It is responsible for the release of a very important hormone called IGf1 which promotes growth in the muscles and maintains other organs around the body such as the liver and heart. We produce most of our HGH during sleep.

What sort of dosage do I need to meet my goals?

  • Body building 4-8iu per day for 3-6 months
  • Anti-ageing  1-2iu per day for as long as you want
  • Fat loss 2-5iu per day for as long as you deem necessary
  • Recovery from injury. 8-16iu per day for no more than 2 weeks

Some users advocate taking HGH for 5 days then 2 days off. This is a leftover from when HGH was ridiculously expensive and so people took 2 days off to try and make it go a little further. It is a good way to stretch out your supply but if you have enough its best to take it every day. After all our bodies don’t turn off our natural  production of HGH on the weekends does it?

Combining HGH and anabolic steroids

Although HGH does produce great quality muscle over a longer period of time it doesnt give the immediate “kick” that anabolic steroids can give. If you are looking to put on some serious muscle and strength quickly a HGH steroid stack could be for you. Steroids increase the size of the muscle cell whilst HGH increases the number of muscle cells so you are getting the best of both worlds so to speak.

Side effects of HGH

  • Some redness at the injection site. Could be caused by contaminated HGH or an allercic reaction to some of the compounds in the solvent.
  • Excessive bone growth Acromegaly. Only happens with extremely high doses taken for long periods of time. Tends to affect the jaw hands and feet.
  • Blood sugar problems. Taking HGH for long periods at high doses may cause the pancreas to stop making insulin and glucagon. Do not take over 16iu per day for longer than 2 weeks. Check your blood sugar levels and take insulin if necessary.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. Cam cause tingling of the carpal nerve which results in numbness of the fingers. Wears off after a while even with continued use.
  • Fluid retention. Ironically the best way to get rid of this is to drink more water. It helps regulate the vasopressin in your body which is responsible for the water retention. Water retention from  HGH use is nowhere near a s bad as with steroid use.
  • HGH gut. Its not really caused by HGH as steroid users get this too. Its caused by excessive exercising and growth of the stomach muscle and eating huge quantities of food as body builders tend to do.

HGH and Cancer

While there is no evidence to show that HGH causes cancer its probably best not to take it if you are suffering from cancer at the moment. This is because cancer is the unregulated growth of cells in the body. HGH increases the growth of cells so its not a good idea to take it if you have cancer.

There is no medical evidence that HGH speeds up cancer but the theory is that it could best be safe than sorry.

Preparing HGH for injection

  • Remove the top of the vial
  • Slowly inject the bac water into the vial from a syringe
  • Slowly rotate the vial to dissolve the powder (never shake it)
  • You can either draw up the amount you want to inject or take all of it into the syringe for ease of use later on.

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We provide only the best quality HGH on the market and have been doing so for several years now with many satisfied customers.We give fair prices and guarantee you will get exactly what you paid for or a re-ship or refund whatever you choose. We sell original HGH in the original packaging with all holograms stickers and verification numbers. You can buy HGH from us and know you are getting a quality product.


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